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 Drineth skilled PVP warrior (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)

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PostSubject: Drineth skilled PVP warrior (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)   Thu Jun 05 2008, 23:54

Name: philipp

Date of Birth: 4/11/91

Location: greece

Gender : male

Character Name(s): drineth(2venge gladi) artamhs(weird accent on first a, i am full venge resto druid on twilights hammer as kodoulis full venge retri pala

Character Level(s): 70 all

Class and Race of Character(s): NE warrior, NE druid, Dward pala

Professions: minning 375 working on herba in 1 day just w8ting to farm

Armory Profile: (other sites can be accepted its just armory is easier =P) i maybe have prot as i want to farm 50 more badges for axe

Talent Spec and Why: ARMS/FURY old spec Except for blood frenzy( 3 prot for spellreflect OFC..) 4% my 3v3 is fulll venge wwarrior(stormherald) me(mace) and shammy resto( from 1300 to 1600 boosting a m8 think we are going for 1800+ Smile really nice combo

Time Played: warrior:79 days druid 99 days Very Happy almost there paladin 142days I got a life but i was playing alot pre tbc Sad from beta to be exact

How regular do you play WoW? Are you active? Yes i like wow alot i am really active for badge runs ect:P and ofc ARENA mainly i play alot..

The forum will be constantly updated, will you be reading and participating regularly? YES i think main thing in a guild is posting in a forum.. thats how the guild must run

Will you attend 60-80% of all organised premades? 100% if possilble

Are you willing to attempt Karazhan once a week with the guild? ITS my top goal as i said BOJ=SICK items for pvp and pve as i am aiming for the 2h axe(150 badges)

We use Ventrilo 3.0. Are you willing to join the server and talk/listen during premades etc? Do you have a microphone?
xD rofl nice question xD ofc i got a mic :S and ofc i got vent otherwse i wouldnt be playing wow. Chats after midnight is imba Razz
Previous Guilds and why you left:
just migrated. Well i was in vindicaion a new guild just ot hlpe a bit. AND i joined a guild AS CL (warriors) as i know alot about my class almopst everything( COMBOS/MACROS/swing timers) just name it
Why do you want to join Indefinite and what do you expect of us? Well i like pvp guilds organised. Alot of premades for honor and some good arena teams

Is there anyone in Indefinite who will vouch for your application? alot :S silvano/gory/sweetcookie/spawmage/me Razz
many more but i am talking about the sure people that have crazy skills in pvp( AND OFC lolentio( best frost mage on server) and taverniaris

Any additional information that you feel may be useful to us: Well i am fun to talk to Razz i like conversation really nice person and i love pvp ^.- hope i get inv
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PostSubject: Re: Drineth skilled PVP warrior (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)   Thu Jun 05 2008, 23:58

Very nice application Drineth, you sound like a skilled player who knows the warrior class well ^^
Attendance and ability to use Ventrilo is valued highly in guild acceptance

Welcome to Indefinite - we will contact you in-game

The Indefinite Officers Twisted Evil
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Drineth skilled PVP warrior (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)
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