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 Maceo 70 Mage Application (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)

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PostSubject: Maceo 70 Mage Application (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)   Sun Jun 08 2008, 19:29

Date of Birth: 30.11.1992

Location: Oslo,Norway

Gender: Male

Character Name(s): Maceo,Menaria

Character Level(s): Both lvl 70

Class and Race of Character(s): Maceo: Human Mage Menaria: NE Druid

Professions: Maceo: 375 Mining/Herbalism Menaria: 375 Alchemy (soon getting 375 JC)

Armory Profile: (I might have PVE gear equipped)
Talent Spec and Why: 17/0/44 - I really think that this spec gives me a good variety of offensive damagedealing spells, and perfect defensive spells agains sellcasters/melees. Most pvp specs has some very weak and some very strong sides, and i feel that this spec is good at every side of PVP.
Time Played: 84 days 15 hours 2 minutes

How regular do you play WoW? Are you active? I literally play wow every day, no matter what test i got the next day Very Happy

The forum will be constantly updated, will you be reading and participating regularly? As a member i will take my time to get interactive with my fellow guidmates, so yes Smile

Will you attend 60-80% of all organised premades? Yes

Are you willing to attempt Karazhan once a week with the guild? I am willing to attempt MH if you want, been there a couple of times

We use Ventrilo 3.0. Are you willing to join the server and talk/listen during premades etc? Do you have a microphone? VT Mix in case we change, and yes, got a mic

Previous Guilds and why you left: Saga, i was a social member, i needed to star raiding and get geared up, so i looked for a new guild and found it. Men in twill, joined and did alot of raids with these guys. Too bad the leaders left their alts there and joined Eat Static, i was offered a spot but i refused to stab some ppl in the back. Devious, joined but they dind't seem to need me.

Why do you want to join Indefinite and what do you expect of us?
I want to join this guild because i know a very little group of people in there. I thouht it would be fun starting doing serious things with people i can remember form old days. I also liked your view on things, like your opinionsabout age issues. About this issue, your point of view gives me tremendous respect for you guys, not many guilds do these things. And i have been looking for a good PvP guild, seems lik o have found one. What i expect of you? Be serious guild that knows what joking and whats real. The officers and higher members should take casual peoples opinions seriously, and people should have a positive attitude to eachother. None the less.
Is there anyone in Indefinite who will vouch for your application?
I know Aetherlumen will, not sure about his gf Ariscalidius Smile
Any additional information that you feel may be useful to us: Well, I'm a 15 year old boy from Norway, playing drums, LOVE all kinds of music, living for hip hop, living for life(wow), and i tend to be hanging out with 1-2 guys, i'm the kind of guy that rather wants 1 or 2 good friends that alot of mates. I like playing mage, been playing it for 2.5 years soon, I'm kind of new to druids, but im starting to get the hang of it. oh, i got dreads Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Maceo 70 Mage Application (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)   Sun Jun 08 2008, 19:34

Welcome to Indefinite on Trial
I have spoken to you in-game on Ariscalidius and you have been accepted on the basis that you will stay a Trial for the full 2 weeks where we will give you time to get the final resilience you need and the team rating to the required amount

An officer will contact you in-game


The Indefinite Officers Twisted Evil
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Maceo 70 Mage Application (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)
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