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 Priest, Disc/Holy (41/20/0), 427 Resilence (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)

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PostSubject: Priest, Disc/Holy (41/20/0), 427 Resilence (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)   Mon Jun 16 2008, 19:01

Name: Dennis

Date of Birth: November 23rd

Location: Boden, Sweden

Gender: Male

Character Name(s): Coexistence

Character Level(s): 70

Class and Race of Character(s): Priest, Night Elf

Professions: 375 Skin/Tail

Armory Profile:

Talent Spec and Why: I'm specced 41p in Disc, 20p in Holy, because it's the best PvP specc imho.

Time Played: 36d total (was 60 pretbc), 16d @70

How regular do you play WoW: I play almost all the time, so I'm very active.

The forum will be constantly updated, will you be reading and participating regularly: Yes, I keep myself updated.

Will you attend 60-80% of all organised premades: I will attend to almost all Pre-mades I suppose.

Are you willing to attempt Karazhan once a week with the guild: Sure, got 2k healing in PvE gear & specc.

We use Ventrilo 3.0. Are you willing to join the server and talk/listen during premades etc? Do you have a microphone: I got all versions of Vent & TS, got an extern mic, got a headset, speakers.

Previous Guilds and why you left: I left my last guild cus I migrated from Executus-PvP

Why do you want to join Indefinite and what do you expect of us: I 'd like a fun time pwning in BG's and Arenas.

Is there anyone in Indefinite who will vouch for your application?

Any additional information that you feel may be useful to us: Well, I don't have any arena teams atm, 40k honor, 2k arena points though.
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PostSubject: Re: Priest, Disc/Holy (41/20/0), 427 Resilence (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)   Tue Jun 17 2008, 09:31

Nice stuff mate!
Welcome to Indefinite! Cool

The Indefinite Officers Twisted Evil
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Priest, Disc/Holy (41/20/0), 427 Resilence (ACCEPTED FOR TRIAL)
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