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 EotS tactics

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PostSubject: EotS tactics   Tue Jul 08 2008, 21:30

This is an extreemly nice tactic vs pugs to win very fast:

group 1 goes to the Blood Elf Tower (yes, the enemy tower), group 2 goes to the Fel Reaver (yes, another group to the enemy tower), 1 person from group 3 goes to cap the DR, 1 from group 3 goes to cap MT and the 3 left over from group 3 go for the flag, if they don't meet that much resistance 1 person returns the flag and the other 2 help out at BET or FR where needed. When all spots are capped, group 1 and 2 leave 1 person at each base and then just keep em busy at their spawn point
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PostSubject: Re: EotS tactics   Wed Jul 09 2008, 17:33

Thats very similar to our EOTS tactics i think cept group 1 and 2 for us is DR and MT and group 3 and 4 are BET and FRR
I like the idea though - i think making the ones we have more specific and incoroprating what you have would work better than current ones

Aris x
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EotS tactics
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