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 Enrique the fire pve mage (FAILED)

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PostSubject: Enrique the fire pve mage (FAILED)   Tue Jun 17 2008, 17:54

Date of Birth:
Character Name(s):
Character Level(s):
Class and Race of Character(s):
Mage, Gnome..
enchanter, tailoring
Armory Profile: (other sites can be accepted its just armory is easier =P): My Armory Page
Talent Spec and Why:
Frost atm because i dont have a guild to make a raid to anywhere..
Time Played:
How regular do you play WoW? Are you active?
all days from 4pm, 1am Smile
The forum will be constantly updated, will you be reading and participating regularly?
yes i read for information about everything..
Will you attend 60-80% of all organised premades?
yes i will..
Are you willing to attempt Karazhan once a week with the guild?
yes i am..
We use Ventrilo 3.0. Are you willing to join the server and talk/listen during premades etc? Do you have a microphone?
yes i have, i use it too..
Previous Guilds and why you left:
they didnt make a raid, and they spread out.. and my friend started to play Conan..
Why do you want to join Indefinite and what do you expect of us?
hmm i want to join Indefinite for make a raid..
Is there anyone in Indefinite who will vouch for your application?
no there isnt sorry Sad

Best Regards,
Ugurhan a.k.a. Enrique

ps: I'm in Argent Dawn atm; If i accept, i will transfer my char to Silvermoon..
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PostSubject: Re: Enrique the fire pve mage (FAILED)   Tue Jun 17 2008, 19:04

Failed application
We are a PVP the website and forum before applying to a guild
You are not active because your armory will not update due to lack of time online
We will not being "making" raids, we will be doing premades
Kara is a once a week fun activity for our PvPers

Good luck elsewhere

The Indefinite Officers Twisted Evil
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Enrique the fire pve mage (FAILED)
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