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 Different WSG Tactics

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PostSubject: Different WSG Tactics   Fri Jun 13 2008, 14:19

Hey all Smile
I thought i Post some tactics i played in WSG before that worked really well ^^

Premade - VS - Pug
When facing a pug u don't have to make it hard for your own group. The most ordinary tact here is to go 5 deff and 5 att and 1 in att group always stay behind in their room for taking flag as soon as it respawns again. Then u will have a short and fast game. U can move someone from Deff to Att if u see that they can't get flag very easy. Its really nothing more to this setup then listen and report efc position IF they get away with flag (shouldn't happen tho).

Premade - VS - Premade
This can be very hard. The most ordinary tactic here is to go in 1 big grp and get flag and take EFC on the way back.
Or you could do my personal favourite vs another premade (depends how skilled the other premade is). You get a deff grp of 7-8 ppl and ALL of em goes down to OUR tun and tries to kill em there. U should get atleast 4 ppl down by beeing this many on ramp ^^ (just dont forget that some of em will try and run past through our tunnel when they see a big deff grp)
After this it works 2 ways.

1: If only some got through and most off the zerg grp is still alive at ramp the ones that died and ress runs to our Flagroom to kill the Horde that got past. After that they once again run down to ramp/tun to zerg deff.
2: You rush down to ramp and waits for efc there and nukes him when he comes there. The trickey part here is that if u meet up with efc on ramp/tun horde also will have respawned and u might have a big problem to get efc down since they might be a full grp of 10 ppl comming from both our ramp and horde gy so you will have horde on both sides of you.

So i prefer the first alternative here so flag never leaves our base.

I might have missed something now but this is the tactics that I wanted to share so feel free to say what you think about these tactics. And ofc tell your own tactics if you have something that you want to share with the guild. All comments about the good/bad things about tactic is good since we might be able to do some changes with it then to the better of the guild Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Different WSG Tactics   Sat Jun 14 2008, 15:01

i think that the tactics we have right now are great vs pug but the problem we have again is that its never a full premade and the extras that we get lumbered with are idiots like the frost mage from the other night who run around mounted whilst our FC (me in this case) is dying. Group 1 (the extras) will not stay and defend when they are told to and we end up having to lose some of our own top class dps back to defend when they should be up front dpsing

I personally find premade vs premade in WSG VERY difficult. Even with 2 premades the horde dps and healing amount always seems to be higher than alliance (which i dont personally understand) i think the only way to beat a WSG premade is to all move as a single unit to their flag room and then attack together on the way back, hopefully nuking EFC by midfield and capping at the same time.

Let me know what you think =)

Aris/Amy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Different WSG Tactics   Sat Jun 14 2008, 18:52

That's usually the ordinary tactic that premades uses and if you engage em early at ramp with 8 ppl you both slow them down and you might even be able to split them up.
And if you only get 1 or 2 horde down there thats always something cause then you can easily assist in flagroom like i said before and engage once more and that 2nd time you will be 8 vs 8 if you got 2 ppl down. So this zerg tactic acctually works pretty good if they go 10 ppl att/deff.

So if you wouldn't mined I would like to try this out sometime when faceing premade and we see how it works Smile
And i know what you mean that it feels like they overheal much better etc. But we got exactly the same thing the only thing is that they concentrate their nuke on 1-2 ppl instead of spliting up like ally often do.
But that can easily be arranged by haveing all on vent and decide target there so all nuke same target. If say a druid gets 5-6 ppl dpsing him hard he will go down in a mather of 8 sec.
So this really shoudn't be any problem.
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PostSubject: Re: Different WSG Tactics   Fri Jun 20 2008, 17:15

Today's Date: 20/06/08

After how successful yesterday's WSG premade's were i have defiantly reconsidered my tactics, previously i was (in a 5 man or more premade) making all of our Indefinite members on the attack, but i have noticed not only does splitting our members between attack and defense help the strength of the premade in general but having people physically stay in defense inspires the PUG with us to also follow the tactics.

So generally its not a new tactic its the same 5 - 5 setup with our members split between the groups.
If anyone is interested (not in game atm so might be slightly wrong Razz) This is the macro i use for the start of a WSG battleground

/bg Good luck, sorry for spam

It is usually useful to also type in /s please read your chat log now, i noticed many people when whispered replied with: "I am sorry i did not read the chat log" As this gives a bubble over your head before the gates open there is no excuses

Hope this comes in handy to anyone else running WSG

- Arden
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PostSubject: Re: Different WSG Tactics   Mon Jul 07 2008, 09:53

Here is a tactic I have seen work extremely well against pugs and premades

It's a 2d-6m-2a setup, where you have 2 defending the flag spot, 6 roaming about in the middle and 2 trying to cap the flag

If the enemy attacks with all:
the 6 in the middle will need to kill/slow as many as they can and will probably all die in the process (this is mostly to drain the mana of the casters and get a feel of the group). The 2 defending will then in turn need to slow down the one trying to get the flag for those 6 repopping to get into a defensive spot again (which they will have time for as they were dead in the middle and the enemy has to move into and out of the flag spot) and the 2 defending can tell exactly which way they are going with the flag and if he is trying to rush it (go alone) or sticks with the group. The 2 attacking will be faster than the enemy and pick up the flag before they do as none are defending, they can help out get the flag back, or go the other way to be sure we will keep their flag.

If the enemy does a 5-5 setup:
then the 2-6-2 will need to change to a 2d-3m-5a and basically the same happens as when they alla attack

If the enemy just sends a stealth team to cap the flag:
Then you wanna change it a bit more to a 1d-3m-6a

The only downside to this tactic is that you will need a full premade for it to work highly effective as 1 person in the wrong spot can sometimes have a great impact on the outcome

The great thing about this tactic is that you can see the enemy coming and you can plan stuff, and you can use people twice in the same combat (sorta, the middle people will engage the enemy attackers twice before they return)
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PostSubject: Re: Different WSG Tactics   

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Different WSG Tactics
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