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 Slaskleif, shadowstep rogue (351 res) (PENDING)

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PostSubject: Slaskleif, shadowstep rogue (351 res) (PENDING)   Sun Jun 08 2008, 21:38

Talent Spec and Why: I am a shadowstep rogue, beacouse it is cool and it owns in pvp Smile)

Time Played: i have played around 2 years on this rogue

How regular do you play WoW? Are you active? i am rlly active, i am logged in close to each day

The forum will be constantly updated, will you be reading and participating regularly? I dont know, i am not a good reader..

Will you attend 60-80% of all organised premades? Sorry, but i dont understand what that means but i think it is a yes ^^

Are you willing to attempt Karazhan once a week with the guild? I dont know if i always have time for that but if i have time i think i will

We use Ventrilo 3.0. Are you willing to join the server and talk/listen during premades etc? Do you have a microphone? No, i haveŽnt got a microphone Razz

Previous Guilds and why you left: I was in Vindication befor, i leaved beacouse it was a boring guild and i want to do much pvp..

Why do you want to join Indefinite and what do you expect of us? I want to pvp much, i would like to get good arena teams Smile and i hope we play guild bg

Is there anyone in Indefinite who will vouch for your application? Sorry, i dont know what that means.

Any additional information that you feel may be useful to us: Nothing SmileSmile
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PostSubject: Re: Slaskleif, shadowstep rogue (351 res) (PENDING)   Sun Jun 08 2008, 21:50

Hey Slaskleif,
An officer has spoken to you in-game regarding your application
As soon as your arena team rating is sorted out then we can invite you to guild but for the moment we will leave the application pending

Thanks and all the best,

The Indefinite Officers Twisted Evil
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Slaskleif, shadowstep rogue (351 res) (PENDING)
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